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Basic Information

Annual Volume: 12th
Term of the Conference: October 26th - 28th, 2016

Title of the event:

"Energy Reasonable and Efficient"

Conference Venue: Hotel LUX Banská
Bystrica, Slovakia

International conference "enef" is focused on issues of energy efficiency. During its more than twenty year history, it received a firm position on the Slovak market of energy conferences. Conference "enef" is held every other year since 1994. This year "enef" conference is offering the latest information on its agenda as in previous editions. Even this year, the organizers have prepared an interesting and attractive program, that introduce current trends of energy efficiency increasing as well as new latest technologies, allowing to reduce energy consumption. Also a new progressive trends in power management, new approaches in the offering of energy services and opportunities of support programs for the implementation of energy efficient projects will be introduced. The 12th Conference "enef" provides space for sustainable rational use of energy environment friendly, next to alternative energy sources, energy storage and energy efficient use in buildings and transport.

The organizers believe that the proposed program will attract attention of a broad professional and general public and contribute to strategic and local energy policy objectives.

Conference Topics:

Opening Plenary Session

1.  Energy Efficiency as an Alternative Energy Source

  • European and national view on this issue
  • Financing energy efficiency projects
  • Success stories of project implementation

2.  The Present and Future of Electromobility

  • Strategy of development
  • Barriers and how to overcome them
  • Perspectives of unattended cars

3.  Smart Metering and Control Systems

  • Integrated smart metering systems for energy and water metering
  • Solutions for various technologies
  • Solutions for administrative and residential buildings
  • Benefits for operator of distribution system and for the customers 

4.  Solar Energy and its Current Use Possibilities

  • Limits of separate technologies
  • Legislation and practical experience
  • Support of the Green household program

5.  Green Buildings - Efficient in All Aspects, not Only Energy

  • Green buildings status in the Slovak market
  • Internal environment in green buildings
  • Energy intensity of green buildings
  • Impacts on environment: green building vs nearly zero energy building

6.  Opportunities and Technologies for Energy Storage

  • Current technologies of electricity storing
  • Development and perspectives of energy storage
  • Accumulation of heat energy

7.  Energy and Environment

  • Waste to energy
  • Use of biomass and its sustainabiity criteria
  • Environmental assessment of energy efficiency
  • Requirements of European legislation on medium-sized combustion plants
  • Environment protection vs energy efficiency

8.  Alternative Resources of Energy as Sustainable Choice

  • The Near and Remote Future as Sustainable Solution Regarding Environment
  • Contribution and Risks of Solutions
  • Efficient Exploitation of National Resources of Primary and Secondary Renewable Raw Materials

Organizing Committee of the Conference:

Miroslav Kučera, ASENEM Bratislava 
Marian Rutšek, RFC, s.r.o., Banská Bystrica 
Ján Mesík - MEEN, Banská Bystrica
Tomáš Jančařík, THERMO|SOLAR Žiar s.r.o., Žiar nad Hronom
Milan Kozický, PRIMACLIMA, a.s., Nitra
Michal Krajčík, AEE slovenská pobočka
Marcel Lauko, Energy Centre Bratislava
Dušan Petráš, SSTP
Jozef Šoltés, Národná energetická spoločnosť, a.s., Banská Bystrica
Jozef Víglaský, Technická univerzita vo Zvolene
Ladislav Piršel, Slovenská rada pre zelené budovy (SKGBC)
Lucia Borisová, ZSE Energy Solutions, Bratislava

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